Data-centric AI vs Model-centric AI

What is Data-centric AI (DCAI)?

  • DCAI is an emerging field that focuses on engineering data to improve AI systems with enhanced data quality and quantity.
  • DCAI shifts our focus from model to data.
  • It is important to note that "data-centric" differs fundamentally from "data-driven", as the latter only emphasizes the use of data to guide AI development, which typically still centers on developing models rather than engineering data.
Data in GPT Models


  • Many major AI breakthroughs occur only after we have the access to the right training data.
  • Large and high-quality training data are the driving force of recent successes of GPT models, while model architectures remain similar, except for more model weights.
  • When the model becomes sufficiently powerful, we only need to engineer prompts (inference data) to accomplish our objectives, with the model being fixed.

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